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Gobierno Bolivariano de Venezuela
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Ministry of the Popular Power for the Science, Technology and Intermediate Industries

ABAE - Bolivarian Agency for Space Activities
Designs, coordinates and executes the National Executive Branch's policies related to the peaceful use of the ultra terrestrial space and acts as the country's specialized decentralized entity in aerospace topics. It is the agency responsible for the Simón Bolívar Satellite Strategic Project.

CENDIT - National Center for the Telecommunications Development and Investigation
It is a technological development and scientific investigation center constituted as a nonprofit Foundation of the State. Among its main functions is that of promoting and prompting the telecommunications development and investigation in Venezuela, orienting its courses of action in function of the guidelines established in the country's development plans. The CENDIT maintains relations with other national and international centers in order to exchange experiences and to carry out common projects that help fortifying the development programs in the telecommunications sector.

CENDITEL - National Development and Investigation in Free Technologies Center
Nationally prompts the information and communication technologies with free standards, promoting the investigation and the innovative product development that conducts to the Country's technological sovereignty.

CENIT - National Technological Innovation Center
Its mission is to contribute to the development and strengthening of the national capacity of the productive, educational, technological, and scientific sectors, and to the social appropriation of the technologies by means of the construction of an investigation, development and innovation network, in articulation with the National Science Technology and Innovation System.

CIDA - Astronomy Investigations Center The "Francisco J. Duarte" Astronomy Investigations Center Foundation (CIDA)
It is an institution of the Venezuelan state created in 1975 which main goal is to carry out, promote and diffuse the astronomy observation, investigation and experimental and theoretical studies activities in the country; to stimulate the technical and scientific exchange with similar national or foreign institutions; to contribute to the improvement of its personnel and to that of the country's astronomers; to diffuse the results of the investigations and studies carried out in the Center and to facilitate its headquarter for such end.

CIEPE - Agricultural Industrial Experimental Production State Investigations Center .
The Agricultural Industrial Experimental Production State Investigations Center is an Institution that carries out activities with emphasis on technological processes such as the agricultural origin products' conditioning and transformation through the applied investigation, training and specialized technical support.

CNTQ - National Chemical Technology Center The National Chemical Technology Center (CNTQ)
It is a Foundation of the Ministry of the Popular Power for the Science and the Technology, whose fundamental objective is to generate technological solutions to the needs of the petrochemical, chemical sectors and of the processes in general to fortify the technical productive capacity of the national industry, by means of the promotion of joint projects of investigation, development and innovation between the industrial and academic sectors.

The main goal of the Technological and Scientific Development Corporation, CODECYT, S.A., is to carry out activities related to the promotion, development and of the Venezuelan technological and scientific sectors, which will extend to all the science and technology connected branches in order to rescue, fortify, prompt and attend the social and productive sector, cooperative associations, private and public institutions, universities, investigation, development and innovation centers and high technology nodes, to create and develop the national technological and scientific capacity in order to reach the technological sovereignty.

FIDETEL - Telecommunications Investigation and Development Fund.
It has an independent patrimony character, dependent of the Ministry for Science, Technology and Intermediate Industries, whose fundamental goal is to coordinate, prompt and facilitate the strengthening of the investigation and the development of the telecommunications, guaranteeing also that all the efforts are oriented to generate a positive impact in the beneficiaries. The Telecommunications Investigation and Development Fund will consider will guarantee the financing of the investigation and development in the telecommunications sector.

FONACIT - National Science, Technology and Innovation Fund
It is the institution responsible for financially supporting the development of the programs and projects define by the main entity of the National Science and Technology System, as well as to manage the financial resources destined to the science, technology and innovation integral operation, watching for its adequate distribution.

Infocentro Foundation
The Infocentro Foundation assumes as main goal to facilitate the appropriation process of the Information and Communication Technologies from extensive sectors of the population, by means of the consolidation of associate - technological spaces that contribute with the local potentialities development, the productive and educational process of these sectors, the contribution and coordination relations and the strengthening of the organizations that impact in the collective construction and transferring of the know-how and the information, in order to improve the quality of life of all Venezuelans.

Engineering Institute Foundation
It's main goal is to contribute in an efficient way to the country's industrial strengthening by means of the investigation, development and technology transfer, as well as to the formation of human resources in priority areas, with a highly qualified human team and commited with the Engineering Institute's task; all of it with continuous quality improvement, productivity and excellence criteria, with an ethical commitment toward the people, clients and institutions with which is related. The Foundation's main goal are investigation activities, technological development, technical advising and services, in the diverse fields of engineering and related disciplines, linked to the different national and international industries.

FUNVISIS - Venezuelan Seismology Investigations Foundation
It is the official institution responsible for carrying out and permanently promoting, according to the country's needs, the investigations and specialized studies in seismology, geological sciences and of seismic engineering, in order to reduce the vulnerability, as well as to divulge the new know-how of the respective sciences, participate in the formation of specialized personnel and to install, operate and maintain the national seismological and accelerographic networks.

IDEA - Advanced Studies Institute Foundation
The Advanced Studies Institute Foundation's (IDEA) main goal is the creation of investigation activities, teaching, information and services in the diverse academic fields, with emphasis in their interdisciplinary links and the application that they could have in the country's problems.

INZIT - Zulia State Technological Investigation Institute
A foundation whose basic orientation is toward the generation of know-how, applied investigation and Technical Services Installment, Advising and Technological Assistance, in the Environment, Coal, Metallurgy and Metalworking, Chemical and Petroleum areas, in order to attend the Region's and the Country's diverse productive sectors, serving as Reference Laboratory to the National and Regional Government in all the areas of its action, by means of development of all its activities with responsibility, ethics, professional efficiency, efficacy, immediate answer capacity and in competitive function, to produce and offer optimum quality technological services, by means of national and international accreditations and certifications, being also a Teaching Center for the formation of specialized Human Resources.

IVIC- Venezuelan Institute of Scientific Investigations
It is the Country's main scientific investigation center, acting as knowledge generator entity in important and vital areas for Venezuela's cultural, political, economic, social, and scientific development.

ONCTI - National Observatory of Science, Technology and Innovation.
It is the institution responsible for favoring strategies that will convert information into opportunity, to fortify the National Science System, contribute to the formulation of public policies, generate the science, technology and innovation indicators, and to carry out the search, detection and monitoring of its information and analysis.

A nonprofit enterprise belonging to the Venezuelan State, whose mission is the elaboration and commercialization of blood by-products and other highly technological biological and chemical products to satisfy the Venezuelan market demands and to be projected toward the Andean Region. Its shareholders are the Venezuelan Institute of Scientific Investigations (IVIC) and the Venezuela Investment Fund (FIV).

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