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In the framework for the strengthening process of the social economic democracy and perceiving the Small and Medium Industry (PYMI) as one of the sectors of greater impact in the jobs and investments generation and, above all guarantor of the diversification of the country's productive activities, the President of Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Hugo Rafael Chávez Frías, through decree Nº 1,547, created the National Institute for the Development of the Small Industry (INAPYMI) on November 12, 2001.

According to the 31st article of the Law for the Promotion and Development of the Small and Medium Industry, INAPYMI's main goal is to develop the promotion, recovery and development policies that in the small and medium industry matter establishes the National Executive, through the assigned Ministry.

It is important to emphasize the changes of Ministries that the Institution has experienced: Since its creation (December 2001) to September 2004 it was an adhering institute to the Ministry of Production and Commerce. Then, from September 15, 2004, it was part of the State Minister for the Financing Development, according to the Decree N° 3,128, published in Official Gazette N° 38,024 of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela and dated September 16, 2004; a denomination that was then modified to Minister of State for Financing the Endogenous Development (MEFDE), a correction published in Gazette N° 38,046 and dated October 19, 2004. Three (3) months went by and on December 14, 2004, according to the Official Gazette N° 38,086 of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, INAPYMI became an adhering entity of the Ministry for the Popular Economy, nowadays Ministry of the Popular Power for the Communal Economy (MINEC)..

During the time in which INAPYMI was part of the MEFDE, it concentrated its activities around the Technical Integral Support; the goals obtained were above of what the MEFDE established. This result favored the social sector that per se tries to increase the human development index.

As for the promotion and diffusion of the services and products that INAPYMI offers to achieve a planned industrial development, the following activities were carried out: "Workdays with the PYMIs", based on prompting the productive chains of each state, in order to orient the Pymis to make the most of its potentialities and each zone's vocation. These activities were carried out along with SOGAMPI and BANDES.

Parallel to it, in the year 2004 the Integral Technical Support was oriented to fortifying this social sector in the following phases: pre investment (2,258 benefited), individual diagnoses (332 enterprises diagnosed), Training and Sensitizing (1,927 Benefited) and service for two (2) Development Groups (200 benefited).


The National Institute for the Development of the Small and Medium Industry (INAPYMI) was created as an autonomous institute with legal entity and a patrimony of its own and independent, adhering to the ministry of the branch, which should enjoy the prerogatives and privileges that the law offers to this agency. (Official gazette Nº 37,583 Art. 30)

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