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Inapymi and People's Bank help Venezuelans
Bolivarian Revolution consolidated in all country's states
February 12, 2009

In compliance with the regional financing activities carried out by the adhering entities to the Ministry of the Popular Power for the Communal Economy (Minec), the National Institute for the Development of the Small and Medium Industry (Inapymi) and the People's Bank handed out resources to the inhabitants of the states of Trujillo and Mérida.

The National Institute for Socialist Training and Education (Inces) of Valera, state of Trujillo, served as venue for the meeting between representatives of Inapymi and the People's Bank and the beneficiaries, who received credits for the elaboration of social productive projects, production and transformation of commodities, textile, food, smithy, among others.

"I am very pleased because thanks to my President, Hugo Chávez, and to Inapymi, my dream has come true. Thanks to this financing I am going to be able to carry out my project, a bakery store which is going to benefit more than 2.000 people in the community. They will be able to obtain the bread at a supportive price", declared Erika Quintiña, representative of the Quintiña Cooperative, in the state of Trujillo and a beneficiary of Inapymi.

Likewise, José Montilla, beneficiary of the Sucre municipality, state of Trujillo, expressed that these resources means giving power to the People for the construction of a fair economy: "This is a project in which not only I will benefit, but also the rest of the community. This had never been seen in any other government. Thanks to our commander, Hugo Chávez, for giving us the opportunity to continue ahead as small businessman and for allowing us to grow as entrepreneurs and fighters", said Montilla.
This activity successfully concluded with many families of both states benefitted.

The Bolivarian Government continues fortifying the communal power in all the corners of the country on behalf of a supportive economy where humanism, solidarity, friendship and union are kept alive above all the things.

Inapymi Press/L. N

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